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Testo gives you the perfect measuring instrument or measurement system for every measurement. Testo sets the bar in accuracy and user-friendliness for every measurement parameter. Find out the facts!

Testo offers a full range of optimally calibrated and standard-compliant measuring instruments to measure temperature. They satisfy the specific requirements of industry, storage, the laboratory and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems.Find out more ›
Measurement of flue gas and particles is becoming more and more important because of the rising pressure on the environment and stricter regulations. Testo measuring instruments help to reduce pollutant emission levels of combustion systems and exploit the energy as efficiently as possible.Find out more ›
The physical measurement parameter of pressure is very important for a large number of measuring tasks in heating, sanitation and air-conditioning, as well as process engineering. Testo measuring instruments deliver reliable and innovative measuring instruments for this wide spectrum of applications.Find out more ›
The measurement parameters of humidity, CO2 and CO play an important role in monitoring production, storage and transport conditions and determining thermal comfort levels. Portable measuring instruments and stationary measurement systems from Testo give you reliable support in these applications.More›

Rpm, lux and sound measurements are essential for checking rotating industrial machines and environmental noise at the workplace. You can optimise production quality and well-being in the workplace with Testo measuring instruments. More›

Thermal imagers from Testo guarantee excellent thermographic measurement results, when detecting building defects, carrying out preventive industrial maintenance and service or visualising heat activity in microelectronics.Find out more ›
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Customers of Testo are found in almost all branches of industry today. The users are staff engaged mainly in the fields of quality assurance, production, facility, management, laboratory, research and development…